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Want to learn more about us? Amaranthine Skin Care was started in April of 2015 after having our skin care products on our other website http://4pets4you.com for two years, unfortunately, it was hard to market the skincare by itself. So after careful consideration, we decided to break the sites apart and build a website just for the skincare which allowed us to market it properly, although we now look like a new company our loyal customers know we are not and we are building our brand and the Amaranthine Skin Care following more and more every day.

Our products are advanced anti-aging skin care suitable for most skin types that will leave your skin looking & feeling soft, smooth, tightened, hydrated & revitalized. Amaranthine Skin Care believes in “Bring Your Youthful Beauty Back Into View”© No matter your age you should look and feel beautiful inside and out and with our products you can achieve the goal of a younger more youthful looking you.

We are researching ingredients for new products all the time to see if they will work well with our brand so you can look forward to new products arriving in the future. All of our products are manufactured right here in the USA in a GMP compliant & FDA inspected facility and are cruelty-free (not tested on animals).

Since I was very young I was always fascinated with skincare products, my Mom & Sister (who was 16 years older than me) were so into using the newest moisturizing creams and of course I would smooth it all over my face, I loved the way the creams would make my skin so soft. People were always complimenting them about never looking their age, so I guess I started my journey of being a skincare junkie at a pretty young age and it never stopped. So the natural progression was to start my own line of skincare products. I have dog’s, cats and horses that mean the world to me, so making sure the products in my skincare line are not tested on animals is my first priority. I would also like to introduce Amaranthine Skin Care's Cruelty-Free Bunny. I hope you have enjoyed reading about us today.

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