Hey everyone, I hope your day is going great:)

As you all know beauty and skin are always on my mind and I am ecstatic to show you this gorgeous product. The Genesis Collection Extreme Hydrating Serum is created by AmaranthineSkincare, which is my new newest discovery. It is a skincare brand, which offers a variety of quality products perfectly formulated to make your skin better than ever.



AmaranthineSkincare is an advanced professional skincare suitable for all skin types. It tightens and revitalizes your skin, makes it better looking, feeling softer and smoother than ever. I love the Extreme Hydrating Serum because it restores the radiance on my skin, it smooths the fine lines and wrinkles and most importantly my skin after it feels perfectly moisturized, refreshed, hydrated and in great condition! My skin feels and looks like that only after I’ve been to some of the very expensive salon beauty treatments, which cost you millions (ok, not millions but a lot:)) and sometimes these treatments are very harsh for the skin. But with this product the results are the same, but the price is only $24.95 and the product is very gentle and delicate to the skin. So this is for sure a game changer for me and a must have from now on:) Try it and you will not regret it, I am sure ;)



I also love the Hydrating Cleanser, the Dream Time Ultra Lift Night Repair Cream (also a must have!) and the Genesis Collection Hydrating Mask. The full selection of the magical cosmetics by Amaranthineskincare for women you can find here and here are for men. I can’t wait to get the Extreme Hydrating Serum for my boyfriend, a little treat for him as well :))

I am sure it will make his skin feel baby soft and it is exactly what he needs;)

I also want to emphasize that Amaranthineskincare’s products are Made in the USA and their products are not tested on animals. Check also their blog, Facebook,Twitter and google plus.

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