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Several reasons can make it impossible for a woman to conceive a child using her own egg. At ANU Fertility, we provide an effective and detailed approach to matching Egg Donors with couples in need. We ensure that all patients are well informed about the processes and procedures involved in egg donation in Canada. We also ensure that these patients are familiar with the laws in Canada as regards egg donation.

Is Egg Donation Legal In Canada?

Yes, egg donation is legal in Canada but there are important legal processes involved. What is considered illegal is purchasing ova from a donor or from someone acting on behalf of a donor. The Assisted Human Reproductive Act is aimed at preventing abuse of the process. It is important to work with a fertility lawyer to avoid breaking the law.

How Do You Donate Your Egg In Canada?

Egg donation in Canada involves considerable time and energy as there are medical, emotional, and legal considerations to make. Many agencies take extra steps to ensure that the motives of the donor is appropriate. In summary, the processes involved are:

  • Application (mostly online)
  • Overview call
  • Medical pre-screening
  • Match with intended parent(s)
  • Psychosocial evaluation
  • Physician appointment
  • Independent legal representation
  • Donor cycle
  • Egg retrieval
  • Post procedure.

Is It Painful To Be An Egg Donor?

This is a question that doesn’t have a simple yes or no answer. There are so many processes involved in the egg donation journey and it is possible that donors will experience some pains at some points. If you have made the bold step to help someone become a parent, however, it is unlikely that the pains will mean much. There are shots and medications to be taken; there are possible side effects from the medications; the big day of egg retrieval can be tough; and the recovery process can be a little painful too/discomforting. To sum it up, some of the steps involved in egg donation can be a little painful. Every woman is different and will feel/react differently to the procedures.

Do You Get Paid To Donate Eggs In Canada?

The Federal Assisted Human Reproductive Act prohibits payment for eggs or sperm in Canada. This means it is illegal to get paid to donate eggs in Canada. Individuals who want to donate eggs must do it out of empathy without expecting any financial reward. Getting paid for it is illegal in the country.

What Are The Risks Of Donating Eggs?

Egg donation is normally handled by professionals but this doesn’t completely eliminate such risks as:

  • Discomfort and risk of bruise at needle sites
  • Reactions to fertility medications
  • Possible allergic reaction to antibiotics
  • Complications like bleeding, infection, and injury during ultrasound guided egg retrieval
  • Psychological distress.

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Egg Donation Canada